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Makeup Training

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The best makeup instruction offered

The training you receive at David Nicholas International is unparalleled and sets the standard in HANDS-ON Makeup Instruction offered anywhere. 

Staying on top of trends and techniques is essential when pursuing and maintaining a lucrative career. You will benefit from customized one-to-one training scheduled at your convenience. 

Call to schedule a consultation to meet with David Nicholas and discuss the overviews of training tailored to your needs. 

Choose your Level

Review the various levels and concentrations, then call to schedule a consultation to discuss the full parameters of training and tailor a winning path for you. 

Studio Level

Suited for the beginner or those wanting to refresh their knowledge. This level places emphasis on product knowledge, tools of the trade, hygiene, skin enhancing: as well as eye shading, lash and brow definition, color, and intensity. Completion will give you a strong foundation for future industry pursuits. 

Advanced Level

Designed for the professional aiming to elevate his or her skills to advanced levels. Focusing on cosmetic solutions, color, and tone, contouring and highlighting. Techniques for priming, layering, and finishing. Instruction on photogenic makeup techniques for today’s bride, airbrushing and false lash application. The mature client, men’s makeup and proper “touch-up” techniques.

Masters Level

For the dedicated professional with advanced knowledge wanting to develop a mastery in the field of cosmetic application. This level focuses on high-tech, complex coverage formulations, cosmetic fusion and master blending techniques. Creative problem solving, working with sealants, detection free makeup. Branding your own image, predicting/testing industry trends, self-promotion or even packaging your own line of cosmetics. 

Commercial Concentration

For the advanced professional wanting to specialize techniques for commercial media work in print, video, and film. High definition makeup principles, re-touching, and understanding lighting. Makeup that translates from color to B&W. Effective use of body sculpting, fashion imaging, and runway makeup.





Theatrical Concentration

Offering a backstage pass to develop the skills necessary for becoming a theater makeup artist. Learn techniques for applying white face, aging, animal morphing: creating bruises, scars, and wounds. Stage, Fantasyand Horror Makeup; use of prosthetics, wigs, and hair pieces. Facial hair design and construction, Female Impersonation, Period Makeup, and Special FX techniques. 


 Corrective Concentration

For medical and cosmetic professionals wanting to empower those living with facial disfigurement, skin disorders, disease or birth defects. Emphasis on medical hygiene, facial and body reconstruction, coverage vs. camouflage, post-op theory. Symmetry and makeup techniques for those with cancer, strokes, burns, and syndromes. Tattoo coverage, makeup psychology, instructing the hearing and visually challenged. Understanding T.G. transition. 

Makeup Training

Staying on top of trends and techniques is essential when pursuing and maintaining a lucrative career. Individuals will benefit from customized, hands on, one-to-one training scheduled at your convenience. 

Utilizing DNI cosmetics, a consumer-friendly line of professional cosmetics that crosses the boundaries of race, age, and gender.

Offering an array of expert training in cosmetic application with 45 years of history in the making.

Specializing in helping professionals develop skills vital to careers in beauty, fashion, entertainment, and theater. 

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